Market at Haria, Lanzarote


12″ x 12″ quality canvas. This painting depicts a typical market day scene at Haria, Lanzarote. Unframed


I am known for my paintings of Scotland but on a recent visit to Haria. I was inspired to paint this market day scene.   Also known as “The Valley of a Thousand Palms” this picturesque town lies on the northern tip of Lanzarote.   It was a winter day, with few tourists, and the local people were wearing coats.  My trips to Lanzarote are never complete without a visit to this market with its skilled artisans.  The overhanging trees provide shade, greatly appreciated in summer although not so welcome in winter.

The colours used in the painting are cool, reflecting the colder time of year.  The painting is 12″ x 12″ and unframed.

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