The Road to the Isles


12″ x 12″ acrylic on standard edge quality canvas. Painting portraying a winding road along the side of a Scottish Loch with a small cottage in the distance.

“The Road to The Isles”

The scene is somewhere on the road to the Western Isles. This painting depicts a road I traveled  on my way to Skye. It was early evening in autumn and a light mist was beginning to form over the loch creating an ethereal beauty just begging to be painted!  So, here is the result!  I have used hues of blue and purple to indicate the fading light and the approach of nightfall.  The loch has retained its blue colour but there are shades of pink in the sky.   Although the sky is darkening it is just possible to see the autumn colours in the trees.  The little cottage seen at the bend in the road shows a light in a gable end window  indicating that there is probably someone at home.

“The Road to The Isles” is painted on a 12″ x 12″ standard profile high quality canvas.  I use mainly acrylic paint for most of my work.  The brand I use incorporates pure pigments in a 100% acrylic  emulsion.  They ensure  excellent permanency and lightfastness.

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